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SAFE SUN's Top 10 Initiatives

posted Nov 28, 2010, 11:34 AM by Sun Secretary   [ updated Jan 15, 2011, 7:10 PM ]
(From the 2009 Newsletter, by Sandra Soellner. See the results of the meeting here)

In November SUN will have our most Important meeting of the year.

We will have the opportunity to vote on our Neighborhoods top priorities again. These Neighborhood priorities will eventually go to the City Council and help determine the direction our neighborhood will take for the next several years.

Our top priority from our last vote was SAFE SUN, an initiative that covers several programs that we feel will make our neighborhood a safer place to live. Some of the items under the Safe SUN umbrella have been completed, some are in progress and others need to be done. We are happy to report that one item on last year's list, the planting of fast
growing trees to help soften the sound of traffic along highway 280, was completed in May.

Following is the list of most of the items you will be able vote on in November. It is possible that other items may be added at the October meeting.
  • Support the creation of a Safe Neighborhood initiative
  • Create a neighborhood landscape/beautification plan the addresses the removal of concrete from front yards, parking strips and a home facade improvement grant program,
  • Additional neighborhood park or Community Center
  • Downtown Hospital
  • Coyote Creek Trail Expansion
  • 10th and 11th Street lane reductions
  • Complete 0’Donncll's Gardens Park with gazebo, benches, tables and horse watering trough
  • Complete installation of historic streetlights in designated locations
  • Create a plan with the downtown, City and adjacent neighborhoods that addresses the impact oi large/medium size events and nightclub activity
  • Increase housing opportunities
  • Encourage the production of a greater mix of housing types in the University Neighborhoods, including more opportunities of for-sale units to encourage more owner-occupancy
  • Update Zoning Code: Review existing zoning code and where necessary update the Code to permit and encourage uses of a type and intensity that are compatible with the neighborhood, and to prohibit uses which are not compatible