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Important Numbers To Know

posted Nov 28, 2010, 11:45 AM by Sun Secretary   [ updated Jan 15, 2011, 7:14 PM ]
CITY of SAN JOSE - Phone Numbers  
 City Auditor  (408) 535-1250
 Code Enforcement  (408) 277-4528
 Financial Crimes Unit (Identity Theft)  (408) 277-4521
 Police Service (Emergency)  (408) 277-8911 or 911
 Police Service (Non-Emergency)  (408) 277-8900 or 311
 Code Enforcement  (408) 277-4528
 Anti-Graffiti Hotline  (408) 277-2758
 Street & Traffic  (408) 277-4373
 Stray/Injured Animals  (408) 518-7297
 Building Permits  (408) 535-3555
 Planning Permits  (408) 535-3555
 Cat Spay/Neuter  (408) 501-2144
 Abandoned Vehicles:  
 On The Street  (408) 277-5305
 On Private  (408) 277-4528
 Free Tow Private Only  (408) 277-4931
 To report abandoned carts on the street or sidewalk please call the City of San Jose's Customer Service Call Center at (408) 535-3500 or email  
 Non-City Contact Phone Numbers  
 Better Business Bureau of Silicon Valley  (408) 278-7400
 California Bar Association  (415) 538-2000
 Contractors State License Board  (800) 321-2752
 Department of Consumer Affairs  (800) 952-5210
 District Attorney of Santa Clara  (408) 299-7400
 Identity Theft  
 Federal Trade Commission  (877) IDENTITY or (877) 438-4338
 Internet Fraud  
 Federal Bureau of Investigation  (415) 553-7400
 Internet Crime Complaint Center  N/A
 United States Postal Service  (415) 778-5800
 Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers  (408) 947-STOP or (408) 947-7867
 Social Security Fraud  (800) 269-0271
 Social Services - Santa Clara County  (408) 928-3650
 Tax Fraud  
 Internal Revenue Service  (800) 829-1433
 Welfare Fraud  
 Department of Social Services  (800) 344-8477

To report an Emergency call 9-1-1. During a disaster, stay off the phones except to report emergencies and make sure your phones are properly hung up. The San José Prepared! program encourages you, your family, and your neighborhood to be prepared before the next disaster happens. You should be prepared at home, in your car, at school, and at work. The City will not be able to respond to every citizen's needs during or immediately following a disaster.

The City of San José's Office of Emergency Services can provide you with information on earthquake preparedness and how to prepare for other disasters. Office telephone number is (408) 277-4595. San José Prepared! telephone number is (408) 277- 4598.


The Federal government has designated certain areas as potential flood hazard zones. Call (408) 535-7803 for recorded information, and leave your name, address, parcel number and telephone number. City staff will research your information and return your call. For flood elevation certification, call (408) 535-6517.

If you smell gas either indoors or out in the street, call the Customer Service Department ofthe Pacific Gas and Electric Company -- any time of the day or night -- at 1-800-743-5000. If the leak is so severe as to pose a danger of imminent fire or explosion, call 9-1-1.

HELPLINE (Natural Disaster)
In the event of a natural disaster, the City Help line (408) 277- HELP (4357) is a ready source of infonnation on road closures, evacuation centers, and disaster recovery infomration.

To report a crime in progress, call 9-1-1 (from a cell phone, dial (408) 277-8911). Non emergency 3-l-1 (from a cell phone, dial (408) 277-8900).

The San José Police Department offers programs that educate residents about crime prevention and safety measures. Many of the 32 programs offered are school based intervention programs. For information, call the Community Services Unit at (408) 9421- 9046.

If you have information on any illegal drug activity, call the Drug Hotline at (408) 971-DRUG. The Crime Stopper telephone number is (408) 947-STOP All calls are strictly confidential.

If you are concerned about activities conducted by homeless people that you believe to be illegal, call the San José Police Department Metro Unit at (408) 277-4937.

The three primary functions of the Independent Police Auditor's Office are: 1) serve as an alternative forum where residents may file complaints; 2) review the investigations of resident complaints by the Professional Standards and Conduct Unit; and 3) promote public awareness of a resident's right to file a complaint. Office telephone number is (408) 794-6226.

Police Reports can be made by calling 3-1-1 or (408) 277-4141 (press 0). Information about police reports may be obtained from the Police Department at (408) 277-4143 or online at

After reporting a crime, victims needing supportive assistance can call the Victim Witness Program at (408) 295-2656. The San José Police Department has a trained advocate that can be reached at (408) 277-5550. For additional information visit our website at

There are approximately 50,000 street lights throughout San Jose. They are repaired and maintained to ensure adequate night time visibility at street intersections and along major streets. The DOT crews replace bumed out lights as they are reported. Please allow 1 to 14 working days for completion of the street light repair. To report a burned out street light, follow the procedures below:

I. Obtain information

  1. Street light pole number, located on streetlight pole at eye level facing the street (an alphabet letter is located in the middle of the number).
  2. Street name and address where street light is located. Indicate if pole is in front of, across from, or in-between the address given.
  3. Nearest cross street.
  4. Your name, spelling (if calling) and day time phone number.
II. Report Information to any one of the following:

  1. Street Light Recording Phone #: (408) 277-5517. The recording  is available to you 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week and messages are transcribed each business day.
  2. Voice Mail: (408) 277-5571. Speak slowly and clearly and give all necessary information.
  3. E-mail:
  4. Fax: (408) 277-3164 (include your daytime phone #) District 3 Phone: 408-535-4903 Email: