To Report Graffiti in San José

Call or email the Anti-Graffiti Program Hotline: 
Or use one of these apps:

You may also contact any of the following agencies directly if the graffiti is on their property:

CalTrans for State Highways (sound walls, overpasses, signs)
  • (408) 366-3100
  • email: (click on contact us) 
Railroad Property
  • CalTrain: (800) 660-4287
  • Union Pacific: (888) 877-7267 
Santa Clara Valley Water District
  • (408) 265-2607
County Expressways: (Almaden, Capitol, Lawrence, San Tomas), Unincorporated pockets of San José 
  • (408) 299-3336
VTA-Valley Transit Authority (Bus stops, light rail)  
  • (408) 321-5800
Abandoned Private Properties (businesses; homes) & 2nd story structures 
  • Code Enforcement: (408) 535-7770

The Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Litter Program offers volunteer opportunities and support for abating graffiti and minimizing blight in San José. Please call (408) 277-3208 for more information.

If in doubt as to who to call, please contact the Anti-Graffiti Program at the phone number or email address listed at the top of this page.