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Adopt-A-Highway Coming Our Way

posted Nov 25, 2010, 11:23 PM by Sun Secretary   [ updated Jan 6, 2011, 6:04 PM ]
Ragan Henninger arranged a meeting where Matthew Hall from SUN and Peter Kolstad from the Market Almaden Neighborhood Association met Rebecca Strouse, who is our Adopt-A-Highway coordinator. Matthew and Peter proposed Adopt-A-Highway along northbound 280 from 7th Street to Almaden Avenue. The meeting resulted in the following email from Rebecca:

"Ernesto Ramirez, Arnold Joe and I assessed the area and it looks like the site from 5th to 7th Northbound along Margaret Way is not adoptable due to the narrow sloped area and no guardrail above. The rest of the area from 7th to Almaden is adoptable. There are a few things that need to be done first:

* Ragan and staff will survey the neighborhood to determine their issues with the homeless and removing any present vegetation. Also noting that the homeless may move to someone else's backyard area.

* The gate behind the tile shop will stay for access.

* Caltrans will check for repairs to locks, etc. behind tile shop area

* Caltrans will check with Traffic/Right-of-Way regarding how to possibly obtain a 1 inch bar fencing along the " Not a Park" area on 7th just before Almaden.

* Caltrans will check the Right-of-Way at 4th Street.

* I recommend a Tree & Shrub Planting Adoption which includes vegetation control even with very little planting and litter pickup once a month.

* Mariko Roberts, our Landscape Architect, will provide a small list of shrubs or plants that may grow in this area. Some plants requested are to deter homeless pathways. Mariko is cc'd above.

* MYOPRUM PARVIFOLIUM is the quick spreading ground cover that you see Northbound 101 at the 880 off ramp on the right hand shoulder. It was present North 280 at 10th Street onramp before. Myoprum requires water to get established and full sun. It spreads to 7 feet across.

  Myoporum Parvifolium

The area is very much improved since I saw it last. Here is your application. (See attached file: 01_program_app_(mtce-018)_07-09.pdf) Please fill it out and you may fax it back to me at (510) 622-5703. The postmiles are 1.5-2.0 Northbound. Once this is approved and you submit a planting and work plan then we can issue an Adopt-A-Highway Permit. (See attached file: tree_shrub_p&s.pdf) Your group will then be required to attend a safety orientation, obtain updated gear and supplies and then you can continue. At some point, the local Maintenance Region may do a general sweep through the area prior to your group starting. Note: Southbound is also adoptable as well."