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UNC Board Meeting Minutes: Sept 13, 2011

posted Oct 4, 2011, 5:58 PM by Sun Secretary   [ updated Oct 4, 2011, 6:00 PM ]

Ragan Henninger
Mike Schmidt
Sandra Soellner
Deborah Hudson
Clarice Shephard
Matthew Hall
Nancy Hickey
Masoud Shahidi
John Bracco
Mark Williams

Meeting called to order at 6:37pm

  1. Minutes of last meeting approved
  2. Treasurer's report approved
  3. Ragan's report
    • CUP notice
    • Friends of St James' Park cleanup Sept 24
    • St James' Park movie night Sept 30
    • New anti graffiti number: 866-249-0543, reported to be very responsive
    • Reports of contractors going a good job of maintaining city parks
    • Reports of prostitution on William between 3rd & 4th Sts
    • City council voting on marijuhana
  4. Nancy's report
    • Coalition for Downtown Hospital meeting was on Sept 12
    • Clinic will be opening in January
    • 20,000 new people now have insurance, but there is only capacity for 7,000
    • Clinic getting federal, but not state, matching funds
    • Letter form UNC was not acknowledged, but was delivered to Sam by Nancy
  5. Tina Padson is expecting a baby and will be out for the fall
  6. Notre Dame report
    • School has full enrollment
    • Theme for this year is community
    • School target of vandalism pulling letters from wall
  7. Masoud's report
    • Starting to cut trenches on San Carlos between 3rd and 4th Sts to move cables
  8. Mark, no update
  9. Matthew, Sandra: SUN Survey
    • Survey printing done
    • Should be completed by January
  10. Sandra: Gazebo should be completed by January
  11. Mike: SUN report
    • SJSU day or service Nov 4
      • Painting curbs
      • Graffiti and litter cleanup
      • Coating on mural at 8th & William
    • Halloween Social Nov 30, Notre Dame student will help again this year
    • Dumpster day Sept 17
    • Yard Sale Sept 10, 25 families, parking restrictions relaxed, signs a great sucess
    • National Night Out Aug 2
  12. Beth currently in Paris
  13. DNO insurance is now required for any kind of music
  14. No Old business
  15. New Business
    • Zoning change from commercial to residential on 26 S 12st, will send informal letter of thanks
    • $500 from UNC approved to fund coats for needy Lowell students
    • Neighborhood Development Training Conference Oct 8
    • $150 approved for safety equipment for Dumpster Day
Meeting adjourned 7:45pm