General Meeting Minutes: May 17, 2011

posted Jun 7, 2011, 2:04 PM by Sun Secretary   [ updated Oct 18, 2011, 5:14 PM ]

  1. Michael Schmidt ran the meeting in Clarices' absence
  2. Ice cream social and elections on June 21
    • Mark Williams buying ice cream 
    • Need help with serving and setup 
    • Larry Elcenko will be bringing tables 
    • Need a sound system 
    • There will be no entertainment 
    • Suggestion to ask for a mounted police unit to visit
  3. Gazebo update 
    • Stewart Ironworks of Tennessee will be asked for a quote
    • Gazebo should be installed this summer
  4. Graffiti 
    • Walter Soellner has been a champion for removing graffiti in the neighborhood
    • Graffiti is a crime
    • The cost to the city of painting out each instance of graffiti is $50
    • Walter handed out leaflets  (to to be published on website)
    • Graffiti removal supplies cab be picked up for free at the Parks and Recreation department at the corner of Almaden Blvd and Woz Way. Just mention Walter
    • Graffiti  removal supplies you buy yourself are tax deductible
  5. SJSUPD Update
    • Shooting at 10th St Garage is being treated as a murder suicide
    • Finals for the next two weeks, then commencement with the associated traffic
    • Request to look out for drug dealing in the parking lot behind 435 S 6th St
    • SJSU have their own facilities to deal with graffiti
    1. Request that SJSU should have the responsibility to keep San Salvador free of students' litter
  6. SJPD Update - Officer Reyes
    • Beat is 'King 6', shifts are day, swing, mid and graveyard
    • Question: If a stolen car is towed does the owner have to pay to pick it up.
    • Answer: Release fee is usually waived, but owner has to pay towing fee
    • Question: Do the police check if a stolen car has a battery in it?
    •  Answer: Yes, but you can ask the Auto Desk Supervisor for an inventory of recovery to make sure
    • Reports of drug activity at all hours at 522 S 5th St
    • Chronic reports of fights, broken windows and noise at 545 S 5th St
    • When calling in a problem you can specify OK for contact, landline contact only, or anonymous
    • Owners need to take responsibility for their tenants and enforce rules about no subletting or noise after 10PM
    • Maybe time to send a letter to landlord at 545 S 5th St saying neighborhood is considering legal action
  7. District 3 update - Ragan Henniger
    • City considering fiscal reforms on pension and health care costs
    • Will be discussed by council on June 24
    • Proposed budget has been released
    • Still much to be determined
    • Propositions V & W will be on ballot this year to address
  8. Walter Soellner gave out leaflets about recycling (to be published on website)
  9. Disaster Preparedness workshop on Saturday June 4 from experts in disaster preparedness and mitigation (presentations to be published on website)
  10. Board Nominations proposed and seconded:
    • Michael Schmidt - President
    • Deborah Hudson - Vice President
    • Mark Williams - Treasurer
    • Matthew Hall - Secretary
    • Community Liaison UNC - Larry Elcenko
    • Community Liaison - Teresa Zuniga
    • Community Liaison - Monica Limas