General Meeting Minutes: March 15, 2011

posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:43 PM by Sun Secretary   [ updated Oct 18, 2011, 5:30 PM ]
  1. Top Ten revisited: Proposal to move streetlight priority #5 to #2 because there is potentially funding available for 2300 street lights. Motion carries to do this 
  2. Gazebo update: Design under review. Plan to construct during summer and complete by September. Design is an octagon 18 feet in diameter, with every other facet open. Electricity will be available under the Gazebo. Questions about whether Gazebo will be graffiti resistant, and whether it will affect space available for performances 
  3. City wide Dumpster Day will be April 9th. City will send postcards the week of March 28th 
  4. City update from Ragan Henninger: City facing $105M deficit. Elimination of State Redevelopment Agencies would increase deficit by $10M-$15M. Plan to balance budget includes cutting anti-graffiti programs, SNI, fiscal reform, pension reform, laying off one in five city workers. Cuts will be discussed in community meetings. Vote will be in 2nd or 3rd week in June 
  5. Board elections will be in June. Clarice Shephard will not be running for re-election. Job descriptions will be published 
  6. No update on LEEP meeting
  7. Energy Champions Grant Application: solicited feedback on a grant proposal to install solar panels in the neighborhood to promote solar panel installation. Overall feedback was very positive. Possible locations include near 4th Street on ramp, O'Donnell's Gardens Park, Lowell School, Notre Dame High School, Childhood Development Center, or on a prominent private location. One suggestion was to use an electronic display to show savings in real time. Some people felt the park was not a good location.
  8. SJSUPD officer Tom Lee: graffiti activity up, drug dealing down. Marijuana possession now only an infraction
  9. SJPD officer Jose Uribe (King 6 beat): complaints about undesirable activity associated with '420 shop' (medical marijuana dispensary) that has recently opened on 10th and William. Complains about it attracting drunks and transients.