General Meeting Minutes: February 15, 2011

posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:22 PM by Sun Secretary   [ updated Oct 18, 2011, 5:34 PM ]

  1. City Wide Dumpster day will be on April 9, 2011 
  2. Discussion of electronic waste 
  3. Call to participate in June Board elections 
  4. Thanks to Debra Hudson for encouraging Dan Ross to install landscaping around his rental properties on Carrie Street 
  5. Great American Litter Pickup Day Saturday March 19, 2011 
  6. Report for Street Light Master Plan to include LED lights - cheaper, brighter and less light pollution for the Lick Observatory 
  7. Gazebo update: contract signed for design phase to begin 
  8. Date for Landlord's meeting postponed 
  9. Plans for neighborhood survey discussed 
  10. Complaints about graffiti  near MACLA 
  11. Graffiti on Union Pacific railway bridge over I280 is really bad 
  12. Working on application of this year's CAP grant 
  13. Suggestion to bring potluck snack foods to General Meeting 
  14. Plans to revisit Top Ten Priorities 
  15. San Jose facing budget cuts: several hundred people may be leaving City Hall, impact on Community Centers and Libraries, police and fire cuts 
  16. SJPD Officer Jose Uribe: 
    • Complaint that a cab driver was arrested leaving his passenger stranded on city street at night. Policy is to help anyone in that position 
    • So far San Jose has had 12 homicides this year and two traffic fatalities 
    • Increase in residential burglaries 
    • Is Neighborhood Watch still active: In practice no 
    • Looking at cutting 135 officer positions 
    • Call in any illegal activity in the park