General Meeting Minutes: April 19, 2011

posted May 3, 2011, 2:44 PM by Sun Secretary   [ updated Oct 18, 2011, 5:29 PM ]

  1. No news on the O'Donnell's Gardens Park Gazebo. 
  2. Energy Champions grant submitted. There were a total of 27 submissions. 
  3. Good turnout for Dumpster day. Several neighbors reported taking advantage of it. 
  4. No LEEP update. 
  5. Adopt-A-Highway application was approved by CalTrans for South I280 from S 5th St to Almaden Blvd. Market Almaden Neighborhood Association will take care of area from Monterey Rd to Almaden Blvd. Plan is to work on the area on Saturdays following the General Meeting. Some discussion of also adopting the area east of 7th St. The area between 5th St and 7th Street is not adoptable because there is no guardrail on the freeway. 
  6. All board positions will be open in June elections. 
  7. San Jose City Council passed a limit of 10 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries total in San Jose, and a limit of two per district. Currently districts 3 and 7 have the most. 
  8. Report from Tommy Lee SJSUPD: Graffiti on the rise, fewer burglaries, 4-5 drug dealer arrests, paying special attention to the Park.
  9. SJPD report - New 'King 6' beat officer, Jose Reyes: King 6 beat is Julian to 280 and 4th St to 101, familiar with beat from a previous assignment. Neighbors brought to his attention a vacant property at 502 S 5th St, and noise problems at 545 S 5th St.
  10. Next General Meeting with be at the Plaza Maria Apartments on 3rd and Reed