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Board Meeting Minutes: May 4, 2011

posted May 4, 2011, 12:39 PM by Sun Secretary   [ updated Oct 18, 2011, 4:53 PM ]

All Board members present except Clarice Shephard and Michael Reandeau 
  1. June Ice Cream Social and Elections - June 15, 2011
    • We plan on providing 2 five gallon tubs of ice cream and drinks. Mark will buy the ice cream   
    • Need bowls, spoons, cups, ice chest, ice  
    • Need two tables for serving, plus one for sign in  
    • Need two people to serve plus one person to sign in 
    •  Neighbors will need to sign in (and provide an email if available) to get an ice cream ticket 
    • No entertainment 
    • Will send out half page flyers based on last year, but will also translate into vietnamese. Matthew will coordinate with Monica 
    • Will post full page flyers in local businesses and at Plaza Maria and Casa Feliz. Matthew to coordinate 
  2. 2. General Meeting Venue -  SNI will no longer fund the cost of the meeting space at Lowell, so we are considering other options: 
    • Try to negotiate a lower or no cost arrangement with the Lowell Principal 
    • Meeting room at SJSUPD on campus 
    • Church at S 5th & Carrie 
    • St Paul's Church at 10th and San Salvador 
    • Plaza Maria Apartments 
    • Childhood Development Center 
    • A variable location including local restaurants 
  3. SUN banner mysteriously showed up on Clarice's doorstep, so no need to pay for a new one
  4. Reviewed Cycle 25 CAP grant
  5. Neighborhood Yard Sale
    • Date would be the Saturday before Dumpster Day, probably early September
    • Mark will organize, provided it is in people's yards, not at a central location
    • No announcement at General Meeting until plans are further along
  6. Freeway Cleanup: Plan to have first cleanup on Saturday 25 May, 2011, subject to getting supplies from CalTrans Adopt-A-Highway program. Matthew to Coodinate.
  7. Elections
    • Clarice will not be running for re-election. Not sure if she is willing to remain on the Board as Immediate Past President
    • Mike Schmidt is interested in running for President
    • Other members are interested in re-running for their current positions if unopposed