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(Revised June 3, 2009)



The name of this group shall be the South University Neighborhood, which is located in the city of San Jose, County of Santa Clara, State of California. Boundaries are identified as the area of South Third Street to South Eleventh Street, and East San Salvador Street to Highway 280.



The purpose of the South University Neighborhood Association shall be to create a neighborhood that encourages:
  1. Safety;
  2. Neighborhood beautification
  3. Communication and collaboration between residents, property owners, schools, churches, businesses, police, local government, and other community based organizations;
  4. Youth participating in activities in the South University Neighborhood; and
  5. The education and empowerment of residents with respect to available resources through local government and elsewhere.



Section 1 – Eligibility
Any person (over 18 years of age) who resides, owns property, or operates a business in the South University Neighborhood area and subscribes to the purpose and goals of the Association shall be eligible for membership. Annual membership dues of one dollar ($1) shall be paid by each member and due in June of each year. Ten (10) hours of participation in association activities may be done in lieu of payment. Ten (10) hours of volunteer work may include, but is not limited to, involvement as a Block Captain, active role in clean-ups and other events, and/or committee participant. The first year of membership is free.

Section 2 – Voting
Each member shall have the right to cast one vote.

Section 3 – Voting Member
A voting member must attend at least two (2) meetings in the past twelve months and be a member in good standing.

Section 4 – Association Meetings
The Association shall meet at least nine times each year on the third Tuesday of each month. The June meeting shall be held for the election of officers.

Section 5 – Voting Method
Voting may be done through a show of hands or verbal forum for regular agenda items. However, when voting for officers or other action items, members may use secret ballot. Voting on such items may also be conducted by mail, electronic mail, or by telephone as determined by the board.

Section 6 – Special Meetings
Special meeting may be called by the President of the South University Neighborhood Association. Three (3) days’ notice shall be given for such meetings.

Section 7 – Meeting Procedures
A. Attendance sheet shall be filled out at each Association Meeting.
B. Minutes shall be kept of each meeting.
C. Minutes of the previous meeting shall be made available by the following meeting.
D. A tally of how Association members vote shall be kept.



The Executive Board shall be the governing body of the South University Neighborhood Association. The Board shall meet a minimum of nine times annually and at the call of the President or a majority of the Board. A report on all actions taken by the Board shall be made to the membership at the following meeting. A majority of the Board shall be required for quorum.

Section 1 – Composition
The Executive Board (Board) shall consist of a minimum of five (5) officers of the South University Neighborhood Association. Officers of this Board shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Community Liaisons and Immediate Past President. To qualify to run for the board you must attend a minimum of 6 general SUN board meetings or 3 consecutive meetings in the year (September to June) prior to the election.

Section 2 – Term of Office
The term of office shall be for one (1) year.  No officer may hold the same position for more than three (3) consecutive terms, unless said officer runs unopposed by another candidate and receives a majority of votes.

Section 3 – Vacancies
A vacancy on the Executive Board shall be filled by special election. As soon as a vacancy is known, a special election shall be called and, at the following meeting of the South University Neighborhood Association, the election shall be conducted.

Section 4 – Power and Duties of the Executive Board
The Executive Board of the South University Neighborhood association shall:
A.    Be responsible for the actions and management of the South University Neighborhood Association;
B.     Prepare and maintain the procedures and guidelines for the Association and its activities;
C.    Appoint committees as needed; and
D.    Budget and approve all expenditures.

Section 5 – Board Meetings
The Executive Board shall meet at least nine times annually on the first Tuesday of each month at a meeting location to be determined by the President. The President may call special meetings with three (3) days’ prior notice.

Section 6 – Quorum
The quorum for Board meetings shall be a simple majority of its members.
A.    Roll call must be taken at each Board meeting.
B.    Minutes must be kept of each meeting.
C.    Copies of the previous minutes shall be provided at the following meeting;
D.    A tally of Board member votes must be kept;
E.    A report of all actions taken by the Board must be made at the following Association meeting.

Section 7 – Attendance
Executive Board officers are required to attend all Executive Board and Association meetings. When a Board Member is unable to attend a meeting, he/she will be responsible for contacting the Vice-President or Secretary to inform them.  If an officer has three (3) un-excused absences, absences without notification, the board officer will be removed from his/her office.

Section 8 – Future Projects
A project is submitted at the Association meeting. If the project is approved by the Board and Association members, then a chairperson will be selected to organize the project. At the next Association meeting, the chair person will provide a list of volunteers, supplies, and details on how the project will be carried out and the date(s) of the project. The Executive Board and the South University Neighborhood Association will vote on the project as proposed by the chairperson. This process may take 2 – 3 months. If all Board members vote “no” on a proposed project, the project goes into a dead file.



PRESIDENT – The President shall coordinate all Association activities, preside at meeting of the Association and the Board, may countersign on checks drawn against the funds of the Association, and shall have general powers of supervision and management of the Association as it pertains to the office and such duties as may be designated by the Board.

VICE PRESIDENT – The Vice President shall assist the President in his/her duties, assume the duties of the President in the officer’s absence, and perform such duties as the Executive Board may require.

SECRETARY – The Secretary shall keep a record of all Association and Executive Board meetings, notify members of Association meetings, provide copies of minutes to all members, keep record of attendance at Association and Board meetings, keep record of membership vote, carry out the official correspondence of the South University Neighborhood Association, and perform such duties as the Executive Board may require.

TREASURER – The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the Association funds and shall supervise the handling of funds of the Association (billing, receiving, receipting and depositing), assure the keeping of proper financial records and report regularly to the members and the Board, pay budgeted requires as directed by the Board.


A.    The Community Liaisons shall act as the liaison between the Block Captains and the     Association, activate phone tree and flyer distribution systems, communicate between     Board and block Captains, and provide resources and training information as necessary.

B.    The University Neighborhoods Coalition Liaisons shall act as the liaison between the     South University Neighborhood     Association Board and the University Neighborhoods     Coalition (UNC) Board, attend UNC Board meetings, move, second and vote upon UNC     motions representing the best interests of the South University Neighborhood     Association.  The UNC liaison will assist    the other SUN officers in coordinating     neighborhood priorities between the two neighborhood associations, consistent with the     goals of the SUN Association as stated in Article VIII of these bylaws.

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT - The Immediate Past President shall act as the counsel to the Board officers, providing historical perspective on neighborhood association matters and perform such duties as requested by the Board.



Proposed amendments to the Bylaws may be made at the Association meeting in the months of January and/or July of each year.  Copies of the proposed amendment(s) must be submitted to the President and Secretary at least seven (7) days before the Association meeting.  Copies of the proposed amendment(s) must be provided for all Association members in attendance.  An amendment to the Bylaws must be passed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of members in attendance.



The property of this association is irrevocably dedicated to community education, prevention, intervention, preservation maintenance, and enhancement of the community.  No part of the Association income shall ever inure to the benefit of any Director, officer, or member.  Upon dissolution or winding up of the Association, its assets remaining after payment of its debts and liabilities, shall be distributed to a nonprofit fund, a foundation, community group, or a corporation organized exclusively for the purposes and goals established by the Association.  



1.    Promote community involvement and participation in services, functions, meetings, and activities within the target area.

2:    To provide a community voice to advise city officials, staff, school personnel, and the community at large about the implementation of services community needs, events, and concerns.  To be actively involved in determining viable solutions.

3.    To provide a vehicle to raise funds for the purpose of supporting activities that will help improve the quality of life in the South University Neighborhood.